Top 5 Must Ride  ATV Trails in the U.S.

Thanks to the massive size of the United States, the country has one of the most diverse landscapes in the world. These landscapes are just waiting for ATV riders like you to take their quads out and tear up the terrain. Whether you want to ride over desert dunes or speed through a forest, there’s a place for you in the country. Below we list some of the coolest places to ride your ATV in the United States.

Imperial Dunes – California

The Imperial Dunes is the largest collection of rideable terrain in the U.S. Located between the Coachella Canal, Mammoth Wash, and the Mexican Border to the south, the Imperial Dunes has a lot of land to trek across. There is also a campsite nearby where you can park an RV and camp out in the desert overnight.

Little O ATV Trail – Michigan

This trail isn’t as challenging as most, but it still provides some great riding terrain. That’s mainly because it takes riders on a 41-mile loop through the Huron-Manistee National Forests. The loop connects with hundreds of miles of other trails for you to explore on your ATV. This trail also takes you over bridges, rolling hills, flatlands full of sand and more.

Moab – East Utah

Because of the prominent red rocks on the trail, people compare riding the Moab Trail to riding ATVs on Mars. Most of this trail is on hard rock, but you can also find sand on certain parts of your ride. Some of the more popular trails in the Moab system include Hell’s Revenge, Poison Spider Mesa, Golden Spike, The Rim, Hidden Valley, Chicken Corners, Kane Creek, Hurrah Pass, and Pritchett Canyon.

Hatfield McCoy Trail – West Virginia

This trail is probably one of the most notable trails in America. Taking up most of the southern part of West Virginia, this trail takes riders on an adventure through the Appalachian Mountains. The ride has over 700 miles of trail and is expanding. It is comprised of 8 smaller trails, featuring different types of terrain that are great for all skill levels. There is also the Hatfield-McCoy National Trailfest which is a huge event that happens every year.

Royal Blue ATV Resort – Tennessee

The Ride Royal blue ATV trails are actually privately owned trails that span over 200,000 acres. The Royal Blue Resort provides over 600 miles worth of trails for riders to explore. Riders will pass waterfalls and springs that would make any photographer happy. These trails are considered the best trails to ride on the East Coast.

Now that you know the trails, grab your ATV and get out there. Some of these trails are rigorous so you may experience damage to your ATV. That’s why it’s important to have a good ATV Insurance policy. If you want to protect yourself and your ATV, request an instant ATV Insurance Quote for free!
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