Your Buyer’s Guide to ATV’s Type

If you’re thinking about purchasing an ATV, you have a lot of options to choose from. There are a few different types of ATVs with different purposes, advantages, and drawbacks. We at ATV Insurance Rates have put together this buys guide explaining the different types of ATVs to choose from!

Utility Quads

The utility ATV is one of the more common ATVs in the United States. These ATVs are used in multiple industries including farming, emergency services, mining, factories, and more. They can also be loaded with accessories that fit your type of work like first aid kits and toolboxes. They are also strong enough to carry heavy cargo and pull trailers. Their suspension level is limited because of the weight of the engine, but the engine needs to be powerful enough to take on its duties.

Sport/High-Performance ATVs

Most people use Sport ATVs for speed. Their lightweight and flexible suspension make them great for riding through forests, deserts, sand, solid rock, and many other types of terrain. Unlike many of the other types of ATVs, Sport ATVs are only two-wheel drive. These features make sport ATVs a little more dangerous to ride and should be driven with caution by skilled riders. They are most dangerous on hard surfaces. Another thing to remember is that Sport ATVs are only meant for one rider at a time.


These ATVs, also known as SxS and Rhinos, are two-seater ATVs that resemble golf carts. These ATVs has the power and accessories of a Utility SUV ATV speed of a Sport ATV. The controls are similar to those of a Jeep or Truck with a gas pedal, steering wheel, and gear shifter. In some places, these ATVs are even street legal as long as they have the required registration, lights, and signals.

Youth/ Entry Level Models

These ATVs are meant for young riders and inexperienced riders. They are less powerful than regular ATVs and come in smaller sizes. Another good feature about these is that the engine turns off when the rider falls off so they are not dragged by the ATV. The main purpose of these ATVs is safety.

Hopefully, this guide made our next ATV purchase easier. Now you know what to look for when you want to get out and hit the trails. Also, remember to keep your ATV protected by acquiring ATV Insurance for your quads.

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