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ATV Insurance

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If someone gets injured in an ATV accident, do their medical bills cost any less than they would have in a car accident? No sir. So it only makes sense that having an appropriate ATV insurance policy is just as important as having compulsory auto insurance on any vehicle you drive.

An appropriate ATV Insurance policy will protect you from lawsuits as well as the loss of your savings or assets in the event of an ATV accident or theft, or collision.

Just a few dollars a month of ATV insurance Rates can provide you with peace of mind to help you enjoy your adventure more freely. The price of an ATV insurance policy will vary according to the size of the engine, the type of policy, and the ATV insurance carrier you select.

By shopping online you can save time and money by researching ATV insurance policies at your own pace, but to really get the most out of our free ATV insurance quote service, you have to request a quote!

We can help you choose an insurance policy for your ATV Insurance Cost that meets all of the needs of your lifestyle and riding style.

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Different Types of ATV Insurance Polices

ATVInsuranceRate.com offers you a wide range of ATV Insurance Quotes to choose from. You can compare their benefits and premium costs in just a couple minutes over the phone, and make the right choice to suit your family’s needs.

Comprehensive ATV Insurance Rates

Comprehensive ATV insurance coverage pays for any damages to your All-Terrain Vehicle caused by anything other than a collision or some other specific exclusion. If the ATV becomes damaged due to a collision with an animal, the comprehensive insurance policy may pay for it.

All you will need to pay is the deductible that you chose for the policy, and the insurer will pay the balance.

ATV Collision Coverage

If the ATV suffers considerable physical damage in a collision, your ATV Insurance collision coverage will apply. Serious damage due to collision with another vehicle, stationary object, or animal will not usually be covered by a comprehensive insurance policy for ATVs unless that policy specifically includes collisions.

Collision usually means when the ATV hits another ATV or hits a stationary obstacle such as a parked vehicle, a tree, a large rock/small boulder, a fence post, or a stump. You may believe you have complete control of the ATV and that it is simple to operate but one mistake and your ATV could be wrecked. Operating an ATV is not difficult but it only takes one rock to come out of nowhere and one second of lack of focus and your ATV could be damaged beyond repair.

It is important to note that ATV collision coverage usually does not provide coverage for minor scratches, scrapes, dents, and such other non-structural or cosmetic damages. This is because the ATVs are normally used in difficult terrain, which makes them likely to suffer such minor damages.

ATV Liability Coverage

Third-party liability insurance coverage for ATVs offers protection against medical bills, property damage, and any other costs you may incur as a result of bodily injury sustained during any type of ATV accident. If your ATV has caused a bodily injury or property damage to another party, the ATV liability coverage will pay for the costs up to a liability limit which will vary by state.
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Coverage for Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorists

You may suffer bodily injuries or property damage to your ATV or other personal effects due to the fault of another party who may or may not have sufficient insurance coverage.

If the at-fault party has no insurance coverage or has insufficient insurance to pay your damages, your uninsured motorist policy may cover your costs up to the limits of the liability coverage that you have already selected.

If you have any questions or are ready to get started receiving your free quotes on ATV insurance Quote or All-Terrain Vehicle Insurance coverage, please call us at 1-800-771-7758 or visit our free ATV insurance quote page.
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